Our Hearing Aid Dispensers are also fully qualified in the effective techniques of ear wax removal, such as micro-suction and water irrigation.

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Whilst ear wax, also known as cerumen, is a natural substance that the ears produce to help protect the ear canal and eardrum, it must be managed properly for ears and hearing devices to work efficiently.  If wax becomes excessive or impacted it can affect both your natural hearing and hinder the performance of your hearing device.  We would therefore recommend the removal of excess wax. 

Micro-suction is a newer technique of ear wax removal.  This procedure is safely conducted using a set of binocular loupes and a very fine sterile suction device which uses a low pressure suction to remove the wax. 

This method is preferred because unlike traditional forms of wax removal, using ear wax softening drops beforehand is not always necessary and in most cases the wax can be removed safely within minutes.

Should micro-suction not be suitable for you, or if you prefer the water irrigation method, we can also perform this. 

The cost of ear wax removal is £50 for one or two ears. 


Book an Ear Wax Removal appointment by calling: 0141 647 6655