Driving Lenses



Driving at night can be a real problem for some patients due to the glare and reflections caused by
bright artificial lights such as headlights and streetlamps. You can sometimes feel ‘dazzled’ by how
bright they appear which affects your ability to see clearly.

We have a new anti-reflective coating available which reduces that dazzling effect called the Drive
Coating. It is a clear lens and can be added to single vision lenses as well as varifocals. It not only
reduces the reflections and dazzle caused by light sources such as headlights and streetlamps, the

Drive Coating also contains a blue light filter which makes it a fantastic all-rounder lens choice.

Ask in store to see our selection of anti-reflective lenses and discuss which is the best option for you.

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'I did not require new distance glasses at my recent checkup with you,
my prescription had not changed. I was however very concerned how
"blinded" I felt by the new Led headlights when I was driving at night.
A member of your staff at Pinders had experienced the same concern and
recommended lenses treated with a pink/amber tint, she was actually
wearing them so I was able to see that the tint was very subtle. I
ordered my pair with the same tint and I am amazed at the difference.
Bright headlights at night are no longer a concern for me so I am
delighted with the advice and service I received from you.' Jane